This gem is  written with the intention of converting any kind of file into encoded string or vice versa. The code is available on github.

Possible use cases:

  1. Store an image in database
  2. Store a video in database
  3. Store an audio in database(In short you can store *.* file in database)
  4. Pass a media file as a string in an email, comment, chat conversation etc.
  5. To save entire web page into just a single .html file.

How to use it?

gem install media-magic


Add following to your Gemfile.

source :rubygems

gem 'media-magic'

Lets say I have a file available on my desktop Users/ajitsingh/Desktop/image.jpeg .Now I want to encode this file into a string so that I can store it in database.

require 'media-magic'

include MediaMagic::Operations

encoded_string = encode '/Users/ajitsingh/Desktop/image.jpeg'

p encoded_string


You can also use an url of a file instead of supplying an actual file.

encoded_string = encode 'http://url/to/image.jpeg'

To decode the encoded string back into the image file use the following code.

decode encoded_string, 'image.jpeg'

#above code will create a file with name image.jpeg in the current  directory.