Github Actions for Android

CI/CD is a development practice that delivers software to the end user with speed and reliability. This is important for any kind of app be it web, mobile, console or desktop. In this post we will discuss how we can setup CI/CD for an Android Application using Github Actions. [Read More]

Pairing matrix for agile teams

I work in an agile team which follows extreme programming practices like pairing programming. But with pair programming comes the problem of switching pairs. Sometimes in big teams we do see that the individuals are not able to make the decision of with whom they should pair next. To overcome... [Read More]

Flutter under the hood

This blog is intended to provide an overview of Flutter architecture and how it executes Dart code behind the scenes on the mobile devices. The language used in this blog is very simplistic so that any mobile developer learning Flutter can understand how it works underneath. [Read More]

Monitoring individual queue in sidekiq

The default interface of sidekiq allows you to see the number of processed and failed jobs with a morgue which has all the dead jobs. The interface is sufficient when you have few queues. But when you have more queues and the number of jobs in each queue is significant then... [Read More]

Why aren’t you using binstubs yet?

If you have been using bundle exec to run any executable gem and tired of it then this post is for you. In this post I will show you the ways to avoid bundle exec command and run the executable directly instead. [Read More]
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My upcoming talk in DroidConUK

I am very excited to be joining DroidConUK to share my learnings on Offline Mode of Android Apps. This talk is highly inspired by one of the client project that I worked on where the ask was to build an offline mode for their app. [Read More]

Integrating Sherlock with android apps

Its always a challenge for an app tester to report crashes to the developers. Because most of the time they don’t have enough info about the crash which can enable developers to start fixing the crash right away. Even if you are using Crashlytics, its hard to find the logs... [Read More]
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