I am very excited to be joining DroidConUK to share my learnings on Offline Mode of Android Apps. This talk is highly inspired by one of the client project that I worked on where the ask was to build an offline mode for their app.

My talk will help those who want to build and test offline support in an android app. I will start by designing the full fledged interactive offline mode and then I will dive into the potential issues one might face while building it. Also, I will talk about the various factors that can affect your app’s offline mode, which I believe can be easily missed by developers and testers while building and testing this functionality.

The best thing about being part of Android community is that there is a lot to share and learn. People are always there to help and support new developers. There are a lot of active open source projects to contribute and learn from. I have worked on different tech stacks, but I find that Android community is most active and supportive.

At DroidConUK, I look forward to learn more about the new things people are trying in android across the globe. Mainly I am fascinated about the modularization of monolithic apps. These days I am working on modularizing a monolithic app, and it’s very interesting and challenging work. I would love to get more exposure on how others deal with commonly faced issues with build tools and the huge source code.