Hello Friends, here I am with another cool ruby gem apkToJava which will help you to improve your productivity while working on android project. This gem can convert apk file to java code and open it in a friendly GUI.

Steps followed to convert apk file to java code

  1. Convert apk to zip file
  2. unzip the file and extract classes.dex from it
  3. use dex2jar to convert classes.dex to a jar file
  4. use jadx to open the jar in gui

apart from the above mentioned steps it takes care of installing dex2jar and jadx on its own when you first time use this gem to convert apk to java code.


You just require ruby to be installed on your system nothing else. Then you need to install apkToJava gem with the below command.

gem install apkToJava

See it in action:

How to use it?

To setup the environment

apkToJava setup


To convert apk to java code

apkToJava /path/to/apk/file.apk


For help just type apkToJava and it will print the below usage.


Supported Operating Systems

Currently apkToJava supports below operating systems

  1. Mac
  2. Linux

I am yet to add windows support for it, but that will be derived from your requirements. If you want apkToJava to support windows as well comment below and let me know. You can even contribute to it here.