Java custom annotations

We use a lot of java annotations in our day to day coding. Ever thought how these annotations works? How you can leverage their power by creating your own annotations? This article will explain how these java annotations works and how you can define your own java annotations. [Read More]
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Conway's Game Of Life

Conway’s game of life is a zero players game. It is played on a rectangular grid where each box is know as cell. A Cell can be alive or dead depending on its neighbours or initial configuration of the grid. It only needs an initial configuration and then the cells on... [Read More]

Notify when android device network status changes

There are a lot of applications in the play store that notifies you when your mobile goes offline. This article will help you understand how all that happens. How app knows that device is offline and notifies the user about the same by showing a notification on the screen. To... [Read More]
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Android Data Binding

Hello friends, Recently I have tried android’s new library Android Data Binding. My experience with data binding has been really good and I would like others to try it out too. It takes very less to integrate android data binding in your existing code. You don’t need to download any... [Read More]
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Android Custom Animations

Hello Folks, Recently I have been writing around Android UI Styling and Design. This is my yet another article on Android UI styling. In this article I will cover how we can create custom animations using pure xml tags. Here is my github repo which contains all the code related... [Read More]
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