Android with sqlite database

This article will cover how to use sqlite database with android. For this article I have created a demo application which is available on my github account. The app just has a list view which contains a list of products with its price. We will fetch the products from sqlite... [Read More]
Tags: android

Basic configuration of VIM

This article will explain about how we can configure vim for basic features like syntax highlighting, enabling numbers etc. To enable basic features of vim you need to make some configuration changes. [Read More]
Tags: vim

Vim modes - normal, insert and visual

This article covers all the basic modes of vim. commands or mappings supported in each mode and what commands we can use to jump between them. Or if you are looking for a well configured vim you can visit my github repo here. [Read More]
Tags: vim

Set up automation using cucumber and capybara

This article is about setting up automation environment using cucumber and capybara from scratch with minimal configuration and the code. For this tutorial I have created a sample project and code for that is available here on github. We will start from nothing and build eventually. So lets start [Read More]

Instrumentation testing of list view

In this post we will learn how to write simple instrumentation test. We will be testing an app which has a listView. We will test that list has items in it and on clicking on an item it goes to item’s detail page. For this post I have created a demo application... [Read More]