Android Draggable View

Hello Folks, this blog will help you add a draggable view to your android page. It’s fairly simple to add a draggable view to your layout if you know about FrameLayout and Android’s onTouch event. You can find the code in this Github repo. [Read More]
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Android UI Design And Styling

Hello friends, Recently I have been doing some Android UI Design And Styling training sessions. So I thought to share it with the wider audience. And here I am with my first android ui design and styling tutorial. I will be writing more on the same topic. So, Lets get... [Read More]
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GIT revert multiple commits

Hello Folks, There are situations when we want to revert all the commits of a feature instead of checking out an earlier commit, because you want to retain the changes made for other features. [Read More]
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Android Padding vs Margin

Android padding vs margin is a very frequently asked question. Most of the beginners miss understand it. So here is a little help from my side. The idea behind android margin and padding is very similar to CSS margin and padding. Let’s understand it with examples. [Read More]
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Android UI for beginners

This article covers the basic Android UI which every android developer should know. Here we will discuss what are the basic android UI building blocks and how they can be used. With a little attention you can master the basics of android UI design. I have created a demo application... [Read More]
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Junit Rules Vs Setup and TearDown

There has been a lot of confusion when it comes to Junit Rules. People hardly use it or avoid using it without knowing its essence. This article will cover the power of junit rules and how to implement them. Also we will see whats the benefits of using junit rules... [Read More]

Android Build Process

There are a lot of steps involved in android build process. We will discuss them one by one. But before jumping to the explanation lets take a look at the below diagram first where I have tried to put all the steps of build process together. [Read More]
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What happens when android screen rotates?

Rotating the android device changes the device configuration. Android replaces the current resources with the best suited resources for that screen orientation. Thats why when we add a resource in android we add different versions of that resource. For example an image can be added in four formats(hdpi, mdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi). The... [Read More]
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