MVP in android

Hello Folks, In this article we will discuss what is MVP in android and how we can use it to make our code better organised and unit/integration tested (video series on android instrumentation testing). There are mainly three components involved in MVP pattern Model, View and Presenter. Lets discuss about... [Read More]

Gradient color in android

Hello Folks, In this post I will be showing how we can create gradient color in android and use it as a background. To create a gradient color we need to create an .xml file in the drawable directory. Below is the directory structure where you should put your .xml... [Read More]
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Writing a new programming language

A few months back I was wondering how much big/difficult task it is to write a  new programming language from scratch. Then I thought I would never know if I don’t write one by myself. Thats when I started reading about compilers, how it works and what are the phases involved... [Read More]

Cool tips for vim users

Hello Folks, I have been using vim for about 2 years now. And it is my primary editor when it comes to editing text or coding(other than java ;) ). Since I have been exploring vim for 2 years, I have learned some cool tips which vim users can use.... [Read More]
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